BES Built Environment Services Ltd provides consulting services for customers operating within the built environment. BES is originally a spin-off company from Helsinki University of Technology formerly known as FSR Consulting Ltd. The company was established in 2007, complementing research projects with advisory services. Utilising scientific research expertise is still one of our cornerstones, and the key persons of BES have a background comprising more than 15 years of research activities and several dissertations in the field of facilities management, customer relationship and procurement development, business models, and service concepts. The experience and expertise brought by our versatile research background ensure fluent initiation and implementation of development projects for our customers.

User-driven workplace development

We work along our customers with successful work environment changes – in both new and existing facilities. Using the latest research knowledge of workplace development, we engage the users and deliver their input to the management and the designers. Ensuring new ways of working, we guide the users and carry out usability analysis.

Procurement consulting and contract development

Strategic and efficient management of procurement is a key factor for success in many organisations. BES is a competent partner in procurement-related issues in Finland. We have expertise in contract processes related to construction and property maintenance and operations.

R&D projects in the built environment

A rapidly developing business environment requires agility and new ways of thinking. Being familiar with how the leading international companies operate can be an asset when developing new business models. We provide you a new perspective into business development, and help you reform your business by developing new concepts and services.

A research-based information service

Redirect your business by comparing your current operation model with the market leaders. Our report goes through change drivers that offer a view into international top research, megatrends and best practices. You can also utilize our information service in the form of facilitated workshops.


BES Built Environment Services Ltd
World Trade Center Helsinki
Aleksanterinkatu 17
FI-00100 Helsinki

Jukka Puhto
CEO, Principal advisor
M.Sc. (Tech.)
Tel. +358 50 550 1234

Juha-Matti Junnonen
Principal Advisor
Lic. Tech., M.Sc. (Econ.)
Tel. +358 50 550 4458

Jan-Erik Gussander
M.Sc. (Tech.)
Tel. +358 41 504 8888